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About Ocean 5 Strategies

Ocean 5 Strategies is a strategic marketing firm focused on sales growth and new client acquisition for businesses not only in the Northern Virginia and DC metro area, but also nationwide. They specialize in the optimization of sales and marketing performance, “Making Revenue Goals a Reality.”

The name Ocean 5 Strategies comes from the concept that historically, four oceans had been identified, but the world is constantly changing, and a fifth ocean has emerged—the Southern Ocean. Most forward-thinking countries, including the US, have embraced that change. The founders at Ocean 5 saw that as a direct parallel in the world of business, sales, and marketing. If companies want to remain competitive they must embrace the changes in buyer behavior and technology—and adopt Ocean 5 Strategies

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We have been using Ocean 5 Strategies for more than eight years now. They handle all aspects of our marketing and have really helped us to brand our company and create unique, professional marketing materials. We have worked together to create the positioning and messaging that is consistent throughout our marketing materials and matched that with design that unites all our efforts. I highly recommend Ocean 5 Strategies and look forward to what we can achieve in the future.
W. Gelfeld

Principal, Comfort Home Care

The Benefit to You

We build a strategy that lays out a clear roadmap for achieving the financial (or other) objectives. And then, through the implementation phase, we eliminate wasted spend and reallocate budget to areas of higher return on investment. We also measure key performance indicators so that we can adjust quickly where necessary.

The big difference is that we stay with our clients throughout the entire process. We will build their marketing infrastructure, from a simple website all the way through to the implementation of marketing automation software. But the magic happens when we design and manage campaigns for our clients—both online and offline—and generate highly qualified leads that can be passed into the sales funnel.