Virginia Winery, The Winery at La Grange — Website Design Success

Winery at La Grange Home

We have received wonderful feedback from the folks at La Grange Winery in Haymarket Virginia as well as from winery staff and visitors of other Virginia wineries in the area.

We were so pleased to add another VA winery to our client list. We are proud supporters (winos) of the VA winery community and continue to do our part to help the community succeed (we drink a lot of wine). We would love to be a part of the marketing efforts of all Virginia wineries! (We really like wine!). We highly recommend everyone experience the pleasure of visiting the fine wineries our area has to offer.

Here are some helpful links for your own Virginia Wine tour:
Virginia Wine
The Winery at La Grange
Swirl Sip Snark

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Naked Mountain Winery & Vineyards New Web Design & Branding

Naked Mountain Winery Website
A thriving Virginia winery, Naked Mountain Winery and Vineyards now has a new logo, new marketing materials, new labels at the printer and a new website all designed by the team at TRUE creative services! The new site is designed to enhance the winery’s social media marketing campaigns, as well as cater to their already loyal following. New owners Randy and Meagan Morgan are ready busy with new internet marketing techniques as well as grass roots event-based marketing. For the best view of the new logo and the lovely Virginia scenery, take a trip out to see the winery for yourself and enjoy a tasting and perhaps an afternoon sitting on the deck overlooking the vineyard and mountains. The winery is less than an hour outside Washington, DC in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

We were also proud to have been contracted to name their new Blush wine, now being bottled with the delightful tease “Make Me Blush.” We wanted to incorporate the playful “Drink Naked” tag line to celebrate this wine’s beautiful hue of pink. Go have a taste, and tell them we sent you!! Enjoy!

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VA Winery Marketing Success Story

Barrel Oak Winery Window

The weather afforded a beautiful artistic filter – no Photoshop needed!

Marketing Virginia Wineries is a fine blend of appealing to the consumer’s tastes, desires, and emotions. Appealing more and more to wine enthusiasts is the “destination winery”. These are the wineries and vineyards that offer spacious tasting counter(s), ample indoor and outdoor seating, a welcoming atmosphere for sitting and enjoying wine purchases with friends and family with tasty snacks – either purchased at the winery, or brought from home, live music, stunning views, and friendly, knowledgeable owners and staff. A winery with these qualities will rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing. Owners must invest in social media marketing through vehicles such as Twitter and Facebook, a Search Engine Optimized (SEO), well organized, attractive and informative web site with social media tools, blogs and contact-capturing forms for direct contact with consumers.

Barrel Oak Winery Tasting Room

One of the tasting counters at Barrel Oak Winery

My recent trip to Barrel Oak Winery – even on a rainy day – demonstrated this very point. The atmosphere of the tasting room was warm, friendly and welcoming and the owners, Sharon and Brian Roeder, were delightful, passionate, and a wonderful source of a marketing success story. Heavily invested in Social Media and on-site face-to-face contact with visitors, Barrel Oak Winery has quickly become a marketing success story.

Karl Stoll at Barrel Oak Winery

Karl Stoll entertaining at Barrel Oak Winery

Adding to the atmosphere was the added bonus that my friend Karl Stoll was entertaining us with music and song. I found Barrel Oak to be an excellent example of a “destination winery” that I will return to with friends again and again. Great atmosphere, great marketing!

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Design for Virginia Winery and Vineyards

Our current exciting project is the complete rebranding and new website for Naked Mountain Winery & Vineyards in Markham, VA. We are honored and thrilled to have been brought on board to design the new logo, company identity, branding, label designs, marketing consultation and website design and development.

While we are still in the creative process, I could not help but give a sneak peak and give my cheers and applause to Randy and Megan, the new owners of Naked Mountain Winery & Vineyards.

We have been doing intensive research of the Virginia winery market and found a great list of all Virginia wineries at as well as Virginia’s wine trails. Our journey of research, consultation and brainstorming has brought forth the creation of a new, modern, sleek and sophisticated logo that pays homage to the history and background of the now “vintage” brand. We are looking forward to applying the new logo to promotional items and wearables and proudly wearing the wineries tongue-in-cheek tag line – “Drink Naked!”

Randy and Megan have been positively delightful to work with and I have enjoyed my many afternoons with friends and loved ones sitting on the lovely deck overlooking the vines and beautiful mountain views. Their tasting room is warm and inviting with a welcoming feel that matches the owner’s personalities. We are looking forward to helping to promote their upcoming events such as their ongoing lasagna lunches and appearances at various Virginia wine festivals and events. I plan on “Drinking Naked” outside and enjoying the mountain air as the weather warms!

We are still working on the new website and wine label creation for current and new-release wines. (Incidentally, we are very much enjoying our tireless hours of research)! More exciting updates to come!

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